In 2019, SSM was invited by the Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) to visit their center . ARC was foun

2023-09-11 22:20

SSM had a significant collaboration with the Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) in 2019 and was invited to visit the center of ARC, which has a mission to assist developing world organizations in establishing high-quality labs to test and improve wood-burning cooking stoves.

During this visit, SSM was deeply impressed by ARC's advanced online testing system and the scientific and rigorous testing methods. It seems that ARC's commitment to improving wood-burning cooking stoves left a positive impression on SSM.

Furthermore, Mr. Dean, the Executive Director of ARC, praised SSM's stoves, describing them as technologically advanced, extremely durable, and efficient. This recognition suggests that SSM's efforts in developing wood stoves aligned well with ARC's mission and standards.

Overall, this collaboration between SSM and ARC have been productive and mutually beneficial in the field of wood-burning cooking stoves and related technologies.

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