Cooperate with the Bill Gates Foundation, new clean cookstove——Jet-Flame

2023-09-11 22:09

    In 2019, our company was invited to visit the Bill Gates Laboratory(Intellectual Ventures Laboratory)in Seattle, USA, and formally confirmed the direction and plan of cooperation.

    The picture shows an invitation to visit the Bill Gates Foundation laboratory. Global Good funded by Bill Gates cooperates with ARC/ASAT and SSM to develop and test Jet flame


Researchers from the Gates Foundation Laboratory, the US Environmental Protection Agency official, the head of Clean Cooking Alliance in China, a Nepal’s sales representative, visited our company and made marketing plan together. SSM held product launch conferences both in China and Kenya in 2019.


Jet-Flame can instantly change your flame! The fan jets a strong air current under the flame, passing through the charcoal, and generating high temperature in the flame with very little smoke. You can use the Jet-Flame in the fire independently or with traditional stoves, or as an additional accessory for SSM wood stoves S26-13, S26-18 and S32-13, and can also be adapted to local traditional earthen stoves and existing cleaning Stove use. It can save up to 60% of fuel and reduce up to 80% of smoke.

Product application areas: Laos, India, Nepal and other Southeast Asian countries and Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Fuel used: firewood, charcoal

Test data (average): thermal efficiency 43.9%, carbon monoxide 1.11 g/MJd, PM particulate matter 17.0 mg/MJd

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