In 2009, U.S. EPA official John Mitchell visited SSM and awarded the Clean Indoor Air Special Achiev

2023-09-11 22:00

In appreciation and recognition of SSM’ s commitment to mass production and distribution of improved cook stoves for the world market,John Mitchell,an USEPA official, visited SSM in the year of 2009 and awarded the Clean Indoor Air Special Achievement Award in person.


Traditional cooking methods, such as open flames and inefficient stoves, pose a threat to human health, contributing to respiratory diseases and even death. Moreover, these inefficient stoves also harm the environment b releasing harmful particles like black carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate and deforestation.

SSM clean cook stove is designed to burn fuel more efficiently, reduce smoke emission. These innovative technologies offer a double win,improving people’s lives while making a substantial contribution to combating climate change.

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