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2024-05-25 13:35

In West African Togo, biomass accounts for about 80% of energy consumption. This is mainly needed for cooking as well as for heat generation. While inefficient cooking fires with high emission levels and corresponding health consequences are the rule in rural regions, charcoal stoves are predominantly used in the city. For both paths, the required wood is usually taken directly from the forest and used for cooking or processed into charcoal. This uncontrolled and unsustainable wood extraction subsequently leads to a rapid and steady decline in African forest areas. The efficient SSM biomass stove was developed within many African carbon projects as a possible solution for this problem. It can be operated virtually smoke-free and odourless and produces low emissions with various biomasses. The development was based on the fuels and production methods available in the target region and an analysis of the disadvantages of existing stove technologies. In addition to good technical parameters, a particular focus was placed on the lowest possible retail price and the possibility of local production as well as maintenance. Know more about our stoves please visit www.ssmstove.com

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