Urgent action on clean cooking

2024-04-13 16:07

Urgent action on clean cooking is no less than a life-and-death matter for millions on women, especially in Africa, where the number of people relying on polluting cooking fuels and stoves continues to rise. That’s why our organizations are working together, and with other leaders across Africa and beyond, to address this crisis. On May 14, the IEA and the African Development Bank will host a high-level Summit on Clean Cooking in Africa, supported by the Clean Cooking Alliance, to dramatically accelerate commitments on finance, policy, and collaboration efforts to tackle the troubling lack of clean cooking deployment. Co-chaired by the President of Tanzania and the Prime Minister of Norway, the Summit will work towards three priority outcomes:

Increasing commitments to clean cooking from public and private funders with the aim of reaching US $4 billion of mobilized capital investments annually from now to 2030.

Cementing clean cooking as a global priority that leads to the development of ambitious strategies with enabling policy environments.

Supporting multi-stakeholder partnerships on clean cooking access at the country level and removing barriers to the growth for clean cooking across the continent.

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