Transitioning to clean cooking builds healthier lives

2024-04-09 15:54

Air pollution from burning biomass indoors is a major health concern.

Millions of people die prematurely yearly from illnesses caused by household air pollution. The use of traditional biomass fuels often exposes the user to toxic levels of pollutants, sometimes a thousand times higher than the limits recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Thus, SSM has studied and designed clean cook stoves which can save their money, time and reduce smoke when burning. We have shipped millions of stoves to African countries.

In those communities, the hundreds of people who have transitioned to the cleaner technologies can already attest to the range of benefits they are experiencing. These include less physical illnesses and injuries such as burns, headaches, and red eyes, as well as other benefits such as money savings, increased revenue for cooked food sellers, convenience and time savings.

By increasing access to context-appropriate, affordable clean cooking technologies, SSM is accelerating the clean cooking transition in these areas.

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