Welcome Tridip to visit our factory!

2024-02-28 14:31

The previous two days, we are happy to share the recent visit of our Founding Director Tridip Kumar Goswami, an advocate of gender equality and sustainable development to our company Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., LTD(SSM), an improved cookstove manufacturing unit, where groundbreaking advancements in clean cookstove technology are being made. This visit marks a significant step towards their mission of providing global clean energy access for women in poverty. Improved cookstoves are not just about reducing emissions and fuel efficiency, but are a tool for empowerment, health, and environmental protection. Through partnerships with local organizations and government bodies, they are committed to scaling up such “clean energy access in cooking” programs under the leadership of Tridip Kumar Goswami who over the last decade have developed such stove programs across LATAM, Africa, South East Asia and India under various GHG mechanisms. By championing improved Cookstove technology, ecoveda Climate seeks to eradicate health risks women across the regions are facing, improving the quality of life for countless women.


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