In rural household wood stove, the reason of smoke return in the stove

2023-11-30 13:15

When it comes to wood stoves, most rural people will be familiar with them. However, in the process of its use, there will also be a variety of situations, such as the return of smoke from the stove. Why does smoke return? Let's find out.

About the use of rural household wood stove smoke problems, some people burn less wood, but not back smoke, some people burn a few firewood, but the pot is not hot. In fact, the reason why the firewood stove mouth appears back smoke, which is related to the height of the hearth, the size of the smoke outlet, the height of the chimney and other factors.

Under normal circumstances, the height of the pot and the bottom is about 15 cm, if there is no ash leakage trough, the wood will be high, so that the firewood will not be fully burned in the hearth of the rural household stove, resulting in more smoke than fire, and the flue is small, the chimney is short, the smoke is not emitted, and then the phenomenon of smoke back.

How to solve the problem of returning smoke in rural wood-fired stoves? Not only can you use a chisel to chisel the smoke outlet, but also two layers of bricks can be added to the chimney, using the height of the chimney to smoke. However, it should be noted that the chimney can not be added too high, so that the fire in the hearth can not be pulled out.

Although the use of this kind of rural wood stove is now banned in various regions, it is still not a good way for rural people to give up this cooking "artifact". For some young people, there are still a few things to be aware of when installing a wood stove.

For example, the stove should not be facing the kitchen door. This is because the kitchen stove is originally a fire, if it is against the kitchen door, the fire will directly collide with the door. The door is the place where all kinds of air flow gather, so it will be easy to make the temper of the occupants become more and more angry, and the family is easy to cause contradictions, which is not conducive to the harmony of the family.

From a scientific point of view, if the stove is facing the door, the wind entering the door is not burning well against the stove fire of the rural wood stove, so the general decoration workers will not recommend putting the stove in the position opposite the door. When it comes to rural household wood stoves, the reasons for the smoke back at the stove are temporarily introduced.

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