Introduction for Jet-Flame

2023-11-21 13:28

SSM, a world famous stove brand, will be your best choice for cooking affairs shortly.

Come on and let's browse our products together. The new Jet-Flame can be a standalone addition to an open fire or traditional stove or as an addon accessory to SSM wood-burning rocket stoves. The Jet-Flame is a new type of wood stove accessory that improves combustion and thermal efficiency. A 2 watt fan blows powerful jets of air underneath the fire, through the charcoal, and into the flames resulting in intense heat and very little smoke. The added supply of under air makes tending the fire much easier. Even moist sticks of wood or other biomass can be successfully used. A 10,000 Jet-Flame project in Malawi uses a mud brick stove that now achieves some ISO Tier 4 rankings.

SSM wood-burning rocket stoves.

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