Why Clean Cooking Occupy The Importance Of Our Life?

2023-11-13 09:48

Approximately 2.4 billion people worldwide still consume solid fuels (mainly including coal and biomass) in traditional stoves for domestic cooking and heating purposes, owing to no access to clean fuels (i.e., natural gas and electricity) and low socio-economic status.

This simply translates in practical terms as more people are dying from the simple act of cooking. Although cook stoves are simple they play a huge impact in climate Justice.

Clean cooking has been proven to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. SSM's stoves have been proven to reduce emissions by up to 80%, and we remain committed to accelerating access to clean cooking solutions.

We invite you to join our revolution and heal the planet, one stove at a time, the future is in our hands.

Our adoption of clean energy for cooking is essential to reducing carbon emissions and saving millions of lives. That’s why we are accelerating access to clean cooking across the world. We will not leave anyone behind.

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