SSM pellet stove F-28


The F-28 fan stove is an upgraded version of the F-18. The SSM engineering team took a year refining the advanced design. Compared with the old model, the F-28 materials are stronger and the body design is more attractive. The stovetop perfectly combines the properties of stainless steel and cast iron, reducing product weight while maintaining durability. The fan controls the strength of the fire with three-speed airflow adjustment, and the foldable handle can be easily retracted, which reduces the storage space of the product.

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Product details:

① Stove top: stainless steel stove top with 6 pot supports, dia. 24.5cm

② Stove body: 0.5mm aluminized zinc or cold rolled sheet with color powder coating

③ Door frame: 1mm galvanized sheet

④ Handles: heat-resistant plastic and steel

⑤ Combustion chamber: 1mm stainless iron

⑥ Inner stick support: three cold rolled steel steel legs   


Lifespan and Warranty:

Lifespan: 3-5 years based on proper use and maintenance.

Warranty: 2 years

Package Details:

Carbon project package details:

Box Size: 273*273*240 mm

Shipping Weight: 3.5 kg

Units/20 GP: 1512 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 3784 pcs

Amazon order package details:

Box Size: 320*320*280 mm

Shipping Weight: 3.8kg

Units/20 GP: 1008 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 2072 pcs

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