Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Co., Ltd (formerly shengzhou stove manufacture, SSM),which was founded in 1979. It has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing stoves, and has nearly 20 years of foreign user base. We have extensive experience in the combustion of the stove, the material and accumulated data. Until now, we have been cooperating with the Bill Gates Foundation, Clean Cooking Alliance, Aprovecho, China Alliance for Clean Stoves, International Red Cross and other famous institutions as well. We have won many domestic and foreign awards. In 2009, It won the Energy Champion’s certificate, and was presented by Prince Charles. In the same year, the US Environmental Protection Agency official presented the 2009 US “Special Achievement Award for Clean Indoor Air”. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid close attention to our products many times and took photos with our products. Since 2013, our company has been invited to participate in the CCA forum. In 2019, our company and the Bill Gates Foundation successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement to develop new types of clean stoves together. We will continue to insist Our own environmental protection concepts, expand the scope of research, and contribute to global environmental protection and climate change.

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We're thrilled to share Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer (SSM) together with Aprovecho Research Center(ARC) has won the Ashden International Renewable Energy Award "International Energy Champion" in 2009. This recognition highlights our dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions and sustainable cooking technology as well as our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and improving energy efficiency.
In appreciation and recognition of SSM’s commitment to mass production and distribution of improved cook stoves for the world market, U.S. EPA official John Mitchell visited SSM and awarded the Clean Indoor Air Special Achievement Award in 2009.
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