SSM charcoal stove C26-10


It is an affordable and portable charcoal stove for households in developing countries. With a secondary air designed combustion chamber and bigger volume for charcoal fuel, this stove has higher efficiency that can significantly reduce fuel consumption rates and indoor air pollution.

Product performance

1.Thermal efficiency: 46%

2.Use 55% less fuel than traditional cooking method.

3.Each stove up to reduce 5 tons of CO2 emission in one year

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Product details:

① Stove top: stainless steel stove top with 6 pot supports, dia. 24cm

② Stove body: 0.5mm aluminized zinc or cold rolled sheet with color powder coating

③ Door:to control the air flow and firepower

④ Handles: heat-resistant plastic and steel

⑤ Combustion chamber: 1mm stainless iron

⑥ Feet: cold rolled steel

Lifespan and Warranty:

Lifespan: 3-5 years based on proper use and maintenance.

Warranty: 1 years

Package Details:

Carbon project package details:

Box Size: 268*268*243 mm

Shipping Weight: 3.5 kg

Units/20 GP: 1512 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 3784 pcs

Amazon order package details:

Box Size: 320*320*280 mm

Shipping Weight: 3.8kg

Units/20 GP: 1008 pcs; units/ 40 HQ: 2072 pcs

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